How-To Guides

If you are new to concrete casting, feel free to check out our how-to guides, designed to inform you step by step on many of the techniques we use on a daily basis to create quality finishes on our casts.


Below are just a few of the many frequently asked questions we are asked by customers on a regular basis. Just click on the question to expand our answers.

If you wish to paint your ornaments water based acrylic paint is usually used, these are readily available from most craft shops, make sure that your ornament is thoroughly dry before painting.  After your ornament has been painted, a sealer or semi-gloss finish can be applied to fully protect your ornament.

Cement Dye Powder or Oxide Pigment can be added to the mix to produce a different colour cast, there is a fair range of different colours available. The more dye used, the deeper the finished colour will be, white cement can also be used instead of the standard grey, can also be used to give an additional range of colours.

You may well find that there are many different shades of sand which vary from quarry to quarry and will also play a part in the colour of your finished product.

Make sure the cast is left to dry out completely before removing the mould otherwise particles of damp cement will be left behind on the latex or fibreglass.

The drying time depends on the atmospheric conditions and this will depend on the area on which you are situated.  During the summer months, once the evening temperature is warmer, slab moulds can usually be turned out after 24 hours.

Then leave stacked for approximately 7 days before laying.  When stacking, place wooden or plastic spacers between the slabs, the air can then circulate around them aiding them to dry.

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